Saturday, February 21, 2015

Venn Diagrams

Kids love to talk/write about themselves AND they love to create Venn diagrams in language arts.   

So, I decided to combine them and create this FREE activity. You can grab the Comparing Friends activity for free here.  Afterwards, children can write about the information on their Venn diagram using some of the compare/contrast words below.

This activity inspired me to create some Venn Diagrams for you to use in the classroom.  They come in lined, unlined, and colored versions for students who need a bit more visual support.   Check out the Venn diagrams by clicking HERE! 

I used the comparing people Venn Diagram to compare friends. 

 Then, we did some writing using the compare and contrast words from below.  Here's an example:

Put it all together and you have a fun display in your classroom. Plus, the kids learn a lot about each other!

Compare and contrast keywords

Feel free to share some of the favorite people, places, or things your kids like to compare/contrast.

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