Saturday, April 1, 2017

Crazy Cute Eaglets!

Is there anything more precious than an eaglet being born? 

 Our class watched DC 5, the second eaglet being born on the live DC Eagle Cam.  If you haven't already heard about it, the site provides a 24 hour web cam and audio for two bald eagles that built their nest in Washington D.C.  The bald eagles are appropriately named Mr. President & The First Lady and this is the second year they've done this. 

 It's a wonderful way for students to learn all about the life cycle of the bald eagle and experience it first hand.  Check it our HERE

You can watch it again here!
                                          Here's the site!

             The students also watched the female bald eagle feed the eaglets.

Watch as they grow right before your eyes.

When the eggs were still in the incubation period, the students learned all about eagles and their life cycle.  We wrote down what we knew about eagles and afterwards, checked if our prior knowledge was correct.

                  We read the book below that taught us all about bald eagles.

We created life cycles after reading all about the life cycle of an eagle.

 Here are some graphs we created.

We made these bald eagle projects last year... check out the original post here. 

 If you'd like your class to learn all about bald eagles that includes math and language arts activities, check out Bald Eagles HERE! Enjoy!

                   Here are some great books to read as well!

Don't forget to check out the DC Eagle Cam to view this majestic bird.  A word to the wise with any live feed, don't be surprised to see the occasional dead fish and/or duck being brought in for their next meal. 
You never know what's going to happen next.