Monday, February 16, 2015

More February Fun!

I figured I'd start another post with some more February ideas.  Scroll down to see some additional ideas and activities for Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day and Dental Health Month.   Below, you will find some easy crafts to do for Chinese New Year.  I always find a great parent or two that celebrate and want to come in and share a little about their heritage.  Parents are such a great resource to use, especially to share holiday traditions.

For Chinese New Year, the kids made a very easy lantern as seen below: 
Here's how:
Fold a large sheet of construction paper in half (lengthwise) and draw about 6 or so lines (equally spaced) on one side touching the fold.  

I have my kids open it back up and decorate it. When they are done decorating, they fold it back in half and cut on the lines (careful not to cut through to the other side).  Then, roll it up and give a staple to the top and bottom.  Add a handle (just a strip of paper) with a staple and you're done! 
Here are some of the lanterns:

Here they are working on them:

 Parents brought in all of these fun items below to celebrate! There were masks for the kids, small stuffed animals for each of the animal years, and a great dragon head to do the dragon dance!

The day wouldn't be complete without some red envelopes and chocolate money!

So... I'm also a bit excited about a new center activity called Number Match Up 1-20 for the younger kids to practice various ways of number representation.

Students can match up a number card (two choices of monsters or flowers) with the various ways to represent that number.  
Students can find all the ways to represent a number, match 2-3 cards that show the same number, and use the cards to compare numbers.

There are number cards for numbers 1-20 shown in the following ways:
tally marks, tens frame, pictures, equations, number/word,
and recognition of  the number that comes before and after.   Follow-up printables for the center and comparing numbers are also included.  

Here is part of the center in action:

You can also use it to compare numbers
 shown in different ways:

More to come!

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