Thursday, September 3, 2015

September Ideas Pick 3 Linky

I'm linking up with Pawsitively Teaching and the Inspired Owl! for this month’s Pinterest Pick 3 to give us some fresh ideas for back to school.  I love finding all of these ideas and have definitely incorporated them into my class. Enjoy!

I love this All About Me Silhouette.  It’s such a creative way to allow kids to tell more about themselves and create a dialogue.  It would also be fun to try to guess each other’s artwork.

So I realize this isn't a pin for the classroom, but it'll help you get there on time and I couldn't help but share. Picture it: It’s 7 am and you take one look in your closet and it’s going to be one of those days when you just can’t figure out what to wear.  This idea is fabulous and I’m sure even better for getting your kids off to school as well.  Pick out the outfits for the week without thinking- no coffee needed!  A totally doable DIY idea.  You could also apply this to organizing your teaching materials weekly as well! 

In September, it’s all about establishing routines, procedures and rules.  I like the idea of having a class promise. It’s like rules with a positive twist. Here are some different ideas.

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Follow up from August. I was inspired by last month’s linky ideas to create a fresh look in my classroom and paint some of my furniture. It was slightly obsessive, so after several trips to home depot, I gave a fresh look to a lot of furniture in my room and pretty much anything else I could get my hands on.  Here are some pics to share:

The bookshelf had seen better days.

A little polka dot flair:

      Magazine Rack...There's no before picture, but think 1970's wood color.
Perfect for holding our class books!

           Book Rack- I think it looks "beachy" now =)


  1. I love the All About Me Silhouettes!
    Your book cases look amazing, too:)