Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dr. Seuss Activities, Ideas, and Crafts

Dr. Seuss

Everybody loves Dr. Seuss and his books.  Here are some fun facts about the infamous author, Theodor Seuss Geisel.

*He was born in Springfield, Massachusetts.

*He wrote and illustrated more than 44 children’s books.

*There were more than 27 publishers that rejected Dr. Seuss's books for being too silly. (I bet they regret that decision now!) However, it’s a great lesson for kids to learn about never giving up!

*Technically, he was not a Doctor -- although he held honorary degrees from several schools including Dartmouth College and Princeton University.

*Dr. Seuss had a secret closet with a stash of hats that he loved to show off at dinner parties.  See some of those hats here.  His parties must have been a hoot! 

*Read Across America is celebrated on March 2nd which is Dr. Seuss’s Birthday.

*His family actually pronounced their Bavarian last name like Zoice (rhymes with voice), not Soose.

*Here's his famous signature!

On to the fun here are some fun crafts, activities, and ideas I compiled for you.  Click on the picture to go to the original source. 

Grab your FREE Read Banner for your classroom library here.
Just print and hang or use a ribbon like below!

I was inspired by his colors to create a Huge Seuss Inspired Editable Decor Bundle .  If you're a Seuss fan you'll love these and they're EDITABLE!  If you dont need the whole bundle, you can get them individually (links are at the end)

Here are the shape cards: 

Number Cards:

Clock Numbers:

Labels for book bins etc.:
(they are blank so you can create your own categories)

I always laminate a few extra blank ones just in case I have to add a bin and you don't want to whip out the laminator again.

Lorax Cupcake Craft       


Such a cute idea for a clothespin craft.  Check it out here.

Here are some great bulletin board ideas.  Check out their site for more fun ideas by clicking here.

This is from a party event, but it would work great as a class reward for positive behavior. Check it out here.

We are always creating lots of snacks in our class, check out some Dr. Seuss snacks here!

We always make this snack in March to celebrate his birthday!
We've done it with Oreos...

and Nilla Cookies.  
Sometimes the red gummysavers were too hard to find so we got creative with our hats. 

Whatever the colors, the Oreo cookie bottoms were the favorite!

Love these green eggs and the fact that they are the perfect combo of salty sweet is a BONUS!

These are great for posting some of his favorite quotes. 
Grab these freebies here

Want to create some of your own amazing posters, you are in luck, grab these free fonts here and start creating!

Here are some fabulous coloring pages with quotes you can get for your kiddies and they're FREE.  Check this one out here.

Grab some more here!

Do your kiddies like to color the character, grab some coloring sheets here! 
Have fun! Enjoy some more creative ideas here!

Have fun! 
For the individual packs, click on the links below:

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