Thursday, September 18, 2014

Linky Party Link Ups and Teacher Tips!


 I always love for my kids to publish their writing piece on fancy paper.  It's makes them feel like they are putting their best work on display and I always feel they put a little more effort into making it look great!
Check it out! I'm So Fancy Writing Paper (yes, if you have the song in your head in right now.. I'm Sorry!) You can grab the I'm So Fancy Writing Paper here and this FREEBIE PAGE too!
Here's the preview of just some of the 200 pages that can be used throughout the year!

If you are looking for themed writing paper, check out the following:
These include 82 pages and 10 Journal Covers!

UPDATE: I've had several requests for creating paper for the older students, so I made I'm So Fancy for Older Students.  Enjoy!

Linking up with Kelsea from
  Teacher Gems to share tips and tricks!

Stikki-Clips are amazing!  I punch a small hole with a hole puncher in posters, projects, etc. and then keep the stikki-clip on the wall attached UPSIDE DOWN. Therefore, I can change out posters in a quick and easy way.  They also keep the project hanging much longer and takes less clips to hold a project!

From guided reading books, book bins, and math manipulatives, to toys, games, and supplies. It helps the children (and me) remember where everything goes. For  younger children,  I color code everything or include a picture so they can easily find where to put the items back.  
It helps to keep  everything organized.   

You can grab these math labels here.

Update: I've included more labels for you! 

Here are just some of the labels I made this year from my
Update: I've been adding to the ultimate collection and it has over 180 labels with 20 different styles!

The MAGIC CIRCLE TRICK on the smartboard.
Want to erase everything super fast on the smart board? 
Take your eraser on the smartboard and create a big circle around everything you want to erase (don't lift the eraser up while doing so). 
Most importantly, the ending point has to touch the beginning point. Then, tap the center (or anywhere in the circle with the eraser) and poof! everything inside the circle will erase. If it doesn't work, it means you didn't connect the starting and ending point of the circle.

Find some other amazing  fall math ideas from other great teachers below at Math Madness Wednesdays!

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  1. Great tips Josie! I am going to have to give those Stikki Clips a try. Thanks for linking up with me this week :)