Wednesday, September 10, 2014

School's in Session First Week of Activities

Well,  it's official, the hottest day of summer was the day we started school. We all survived despite being a bit sweaty! 

Hope you had a great start.

The first week was all about getting to know each other, learning the routines, and getting organized. We created our License to Learn All About Me Bulletin Board. It's editable so you can type in your students and your name!  I keep the license plates up all year as a border to show the artists and authors of the work that goes up all year long.

We started our All About Me book and they are coming out adorable!

We also learned a little more about each other by creating a class dictionary.  Not only did we reinforce proper nouns, ABC order, and dictionary entries, we also got to learn about our friends in our class. After we finished, we lined up in ABC order by first name to show how the book would be bound.

This freebie will be uploaded shortly to my TPT store. Till then, check out some of my other freebies and products.

We reviewed our class rules and  despite the fact that I usually did the Wrinkled Heart activity  (it's a freebie!) with the kinders, the second graders loved it. 

Although, when I went to hang it up, they did ask if I could put a heart up that didn't have the wrinkles ... because it would just look!

We reviewed rules with Officer Buckle and Gloria. We created our 'silly' rules and then made our class rules.

We created bookmarks, laminated them for durability and they are already being put to use.

In math, we graphed our birthdays and created our class birthday chart from Everything Birthday! 

We can't wait to celebrate a birthday and to make a special book for the birthday girl/boy!

A few great finds from some other fabulous teachers!

An easy graph for kindergarteners is this Favorite Color Graph.  Copy a crayon on white paper, have them color it in and graph it.  Super simple and great for a display!

These posters will help teaching children how to use punctuation in their writing.  

Check out Martha Rogers's free Punctuation Song Posters. They're wonderful!


Here are some great listening activities  from Fluttering Through First Grade

to get those young ears ready to listen all year long. 

Anyone else have any great finds they want to share?

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