Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Math Madness Monday!

Today I'm linking up with Diana Lynn for some Math Madness Monday!  Feel free to join the fun and check out some great ideas from other bloggers by clicking here!

Here are a few ideas that have helped my kids in math:

Math Fluency:
Each night, I have my kids complete a similar version of minute math. Usually, in Minute Math, children have a minute to do as many problems as they can. With this activity, it's the opposite - they do all the problems and write the time below. You start with a column of simple math facts that you can make with Excel. When the students are ready, they hit the timer, complete the column, and write how long it takes to complete.. Each week, they try to get a better time with new math facts.  They love trying to beat their own time.
Here's an example:

EngageNY also has some great free resources/timed sprints that have helped my kids work on math facts as well.

Math Games:
I love to play math dice games in my room.  I'm down for trying anything to get kids to practice concepts in a fun way and keeps them interested. That being said, if I do a dice game, it's only with foam dice! It makes everything so much quieter!  If you don't have foam dice, pick up an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of foam to use as a sound buffer.  You'll thank me!

Here are some other fun dice games you can play with your kids at home:
10,000 Dice Game (older kids)

Number Representation:
For the younger kids, I worked on a Number Representation Activity which works great as a center.  Children try to match up all the different ways to show a number. They also use the greater than/less than cards to compare numbers shown in different ways. Check out Number Match Up here!

Here's an example:

Feel free to share some of your tricks or ways to practice math fluency.

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