Saturday, March 7, 2015

March Activities!

Despite the snow piling up outside, I'm convinced that spring is around the corner. At least I hope so!

This week, I learned the hard way that a laptop and a large cup of coffee are a disaster waiting to happen. If anyone has had a laptop that has met the same fate, all you can hope for is that you can recover your files and your hard work won't be lost forever.  I encourage everyone to back up all your files! 

Now, let's get onto the fun spring and St. Patrick's Day activities.

March is a great time of year.  They say it comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.  With my kinders, we wanted to show it!  The kids loved the lion/lamb paper plate activity.

First, we painted the lion plate since
the lamb plate is made from just a plain white plate. 

Then, we added the eyes and ears.
You can grab the templates here.



Let's hope for some lamb weather soon!

This year, I created a NO PREP St. Patrick's Themed Language Arts and Math Printables. It includes a family project (all letters are included), writing activities, and lots of  great math printables that are aligned with the common core  for grades 1-3. 

The family project came out great!  I decided to print mine out on green tag board.

Here, we practiced adding together multiple addends with our Over the Rainbow Game (that's what one of my kids called it!)

 Here are some more of the activities:

In the past, for St. Patrick's Day, we made these Wish Upon Rocks.  
First, we painted them green (just don't use washable paint, it'll just wash off)

  The reality is that after painting 10 or so rocks, your table really looks like this!
When they were dried, we added glue and gave them a little shimmer by adding green or gold sparkles.  

 All done!

For Dr. Seuss's birthday, we created Dr. Seuss hats. Who knew that red gummy savers would be in such high demand? So, we settled for some rainbow hats!

We also love to make leprechauns.

Stay tuned for some more March activities!

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