Sunday, December 4, 2016

Polar Express and December FREEBIES!

You probably know by now that I love the Polar Express and enjoyed creating my original Polar Express Unit. However, since I’m teaching second grade now, I finally put together a Polar Express pack designed for second/third graders. 

All the planning, parent notes, and reminders for having a fabulous Polar Express Day are done for you.  
However, this new pack has language arts and math concepts geared for second and third graders to last you through December.  

Who can pass up an opportunity to wear PJs?

Below, a few activities to work on visualization and math concepts.

Here are some of the kids playing a game to reinforce learning about geometric shapes:

Check out some of the great activities below:

Writing prompts, vocabulary, visualization and sequencing activities, graphing, math word problems, task cards and so much more! Grab this activity here!

Here's one more fabulous activity to do with your class either in class or to complete at home.  The students design a new suit for Santa. Then, they write a persuasive letter to convince him to choose their design.  There's different paper to suit the wide range of ages that would enjoy this activity!

Here are some terrific and creative designs:

Here's a fun activity to do with your class during the holidays.  Have students write kind things that they do for others.  This was one of our Kindness Elf activities that you can read more about here.  Last year, we made a tree and this year we made a wreath.  Here's how it turned out.

Last, but not least, these adorable reindeer directed drawing came out great thanks to Artventurous's idea.  You can find how to make this on her blog by clicking here.

Look below for some terrific  FREEBIES to make your December a joyous one!