Saturday, October 15, 2016

TPT Giveaway and October Ideas!

Here are some fun activities for October!

Did you know it was Bat Appreciation Month? 

Our kids are working on learning non-fiction text features so I tied it into a unit on bats!  You can do it in October or anytime of the year.  
Here we are brainstorming what we know about Bats.

Then, we read a book about Bats and glued in the various text features on the pages such as diagrams, labels, bold words, table of contents and glossary.

Bats also includes a writing project, graphic organizers and so much more. You can grab it for your class here.

We also visited a sanctuary where the students created bat houses. They turned out amazing!

 Then the students decorated them.

 Here's a bat skeleton.

Here are some great books to read about bats:

Since Columbus Day just passed and I wanted to share this easy craft activity for students to share their knowledge of Columbus.  I try not to get into the nit and grit of history, but I teach them how he was an explorer and about the voyage.

 On each sail we wrote facts about Christopher Columbus.  The kids were given brown rectangles and cut off the corners on the bottom to create boats.

If you haven't already grabbed this FREE Halloween color code printable, get it here! Monsters aren't usually this cute!

A fellow teacherpreneur, Michelle Dupuis, is about to launch her new store and to celebrate over 30 teachers have joined in for a fantastic giveaway!  You can check out her new store here.
 Now for the fun part!  Enter to win 4 TpT Gift cards!


Click here to enter  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Click here to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway

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