Thursday, May 21, 2015

Memorial Day Activities

Memorial Day is around the corner!  We all enjoy the day off and the BBQs, but I always feel it’s so important to teach even the youngest children about the meaning behind the day.  Hope you enjoy this Memorial Day Emergent Reader I wrote as it explains Memorial Day in a very simple way.  Hope you can use it with your kids and bonus, it’s free!  

 Here's a preview:

We also plan to create these flags which are also perfect for Flag Day, so it’s always a toss up to when I should do it, but today’s the day!   

A little trick, when gluing down the red stripes, have the students glue the first and last red stripe at the top and bottom of the white paper. It’s a lot easier for them to fill in the middle stripes without having a big space at the bottom. Then, just put the blue square on top of it all. If you don't want to do the white paint fingerprints, white crayon works well too!

Fern Smith also has some fabulous coloring sheets and writing prompts for Memorial Day.  Be sure to grab those as well here. They’re free too!  Thank you!

Here are some other fun crafty ideas, check them out by clicking on the picture. 

With summer around the corner, I just finished up the Get Ready For Summer Packet with emergent readers and lots of CCSS activities for math and language arts.  Great for K-1!
Check it out here- it's 50% off for the next 48 hrs!

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Happy start to summer!


  1. I love these ideas for Memorial Day - and your emergent reader is adorable!

  2. Thanks so much Jen! I hope you enjoy it!