Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

Since most of my class was on vacation this week, we were able to be a bit more crafty.  We read Patricia Polacco’s, Rechenka’s Eggs.  It’s a wonderful story about an older woman who is known for creating the most beautiful eggs for a festival each year.  She ends up taking in a wounded goose, who inadvertently ruins her eggs, but in the end, the goose produces amazing eggs for Rechenka to take to the festival.  It’s a fabulous story about friendship and kindness.   The kids thoroughly enjoyed it.  After the book, we created our own eggs! 

If you don't have the book, you can see it on You Tube. It includes a little extra info about the book and includes information about animals that produce eggs.  Check it out here!  

 One of my kids wanted to create both eggs!  

Here are some of the eggs my kids created!


 Grab your egg outline here!  It should directly download.  Have fun!  

We also learned about oviparous animals (an animal that lays eggs). After reading, Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones, children brainstormed a list of animals that lay eggs.  Then, using a similar template, we created our own egg. On the front they wrote, "What is an Oviparous Animal?" and on the inside they wrote, "An oviparous animal is an animal that lays eggs.  A ___ is an oviparous animal."  They finished it by drawing a picture of the animal.  I poked some small holes with my pen where I put a small black dot (it was easier than trying to use the tip of the fastener) and used a fastener to put it all together.  
Here are some of our eggs:

Here's a fun spring center for your classroom.  It's a Create a Word Center using word families.  It's differentiated so students can put a single consonant or blend before a word family to create a new word. Students fill their jelly bean jars with words they know! There is also other follow up printables.  Check out Word Families here! 

Don't forget to grab this seasonal color by number. You can visit my store, and grab it here!

Here are some other cute ideas for spring!


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