Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bald Eagle Babies and a FREEBIE!

Have you met the other 'Mr. President' and 'The First Lady'? They are two bald eagles from Washington D.C., who have mated and now we get to watch their every move on this LIVE video feed.  Their first egg already hatched on March 16th  and hopefully, you'll be able watch the second egg hatch this weekend. 

Your students will love seeing the eagles and the babies in real time!  Here's the first baby!

UPDATE:  Both babies are born and are doing well!

In honor of this event, feel free to grab this Color by Number FREEBIE. There are 2 levels (math problems/number recognition) for you to choose from. Grab your FREEBIE here!

Here's a completed one:

  Watching the bald eagles in their nest inspired this craftivity and the kids loved how it came out.   

We read this non-fiction book on Eagles and the children practiced taking notes. Each cloud contained an important fact that they had learned. 

             Grab the clouds for note-taking here.
Since my bald eagle drawing skills are not the best.... I was glad to find this directed drawing on a bald eagle.  A huge thanks to Kathy Barbro for her talented how-to directed drawing (as seen below). Click to visit her site. She has some amazing how-to drawings you'll be able to use. 

Afterwards, we cut it out, mounted it on construction paper and added our clouds. Some kids added some additional branches.
                  Here are some examples:

Since it's spring, if you're looking for some fun no prep language arts  and math activities feel free to check out my newest addition:
 It includes close readings, games and activities for math and language arts and much more!  It's perfect for second graders! 
Here's a preview of just some of the activities. 
Check it out HERE.

Also, if you haven't already checked out my previous post for some  EGG ideas and FREEBIES such as this one, click here! 

Happy Egg Hatching!


  1. Watching this with my 6 year old! He loves it. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by. The kids in my class love it as well and are mesmerized by it!