Monday, July 17, 2017

Sun, Sand and Summer Sale Week #3 and a few FREEBIES!

Another exciting week of bargains in the Sun, Sand and Summer Sale! We are almost finished- just two more weeks to go to grab all your goodies before the start of school!


Here are a few of the deals for this week and don't forget the glorious giveaways on FRIDAY!!!

One of Monday's Dollar Deals is My Trip to the Apple Farm that was just completed!  You'll love the emergent readers, task cards and math activities in your class. It's perfect when you are headed to the Apple Farm or right after. 

Similes is perfect for second graders as they learn all about them!  Here are some of the art projects that go with it... bonus- it's NO PREP!

Click this link for all the $1 deals as they will only be available on Monday!

Half off Treasure Tuesday offers Octoberfest for Kids  which is perfect for all of October! 

Here's what a buyer has to say:

 For November, you'll have lots of fun with  the Disguise a Turkey Project.  Everything you need to complete the project- just print and go! My kids love disguising their turkeys so they are not eaten!  There is  Disguise a Turkey for grades K-1 and Disguise a Turkey grades 2-3!

 Click this link for all the 1/2 off deals as they will only be available on Tuesday!

 Click this link for all the bundle deals as they will only
be available on Wednesday!

This whimsical & fun class d├ęcor set has everything you'll need to decorate your classroom!  It includes calendar pieces, number and color posters, editable labels, signs, jobs and so much more. 

Here's some recent feedback:

Here are a few examples:

Grab  this reading banner FREEBIE here!! It's also included in the bundle.

Click this link for all the $2 deals as they will only be available on Thursday!

Spiders is perfect for teaching non-fiction text features with the comprehensive reader about spiders and follow up writing activities.

The Editable Math Labels (Rainbow Style) helped get me and keep my kids (and me!) organized. 

Also available in another style as seen below.
Please note the clipart has been updated since the picture as shown in the picture below:

It's time for a GIVEAWAY!


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