Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Activities!

What kid doesn’t love Valentine’s Day?  It’s a day filled with yummy chocolates, an assortment of cards, and a party!  We did a pancake breakfast which has quickly become my new favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! The pancakes were topped with whipped cream, strawberries, and red & pink sprinkles. Everything worked out great!

We wrote letter to the parents to express how much we love them. We included a puzzle for them to put together to reveal a fun message or picture.

Here are some free Valentine’s Day tags to attach to pencils for the class. The file has different tags to chose from and there's room to just sign your name.

The kids loved completing the Heart STEAM Activity by Handmade Kids Art. Kids try to create a heart using 20 congruent triangles. It's challenging, but it really makes them think!

To cut down on time with cutting out the triangles, I found cutting out the triangles using the sheet below was very helpful. 
You can grab this printable here.
Have a great one!

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