Saturday, September 24, 2016

An Unusual Twist on the First Day of School

I’m always searching for the perfect first day of school book and this year I found it!

School’s First Day of School by Adam Rex has an unusual twist on the first day because it’s a story told from the perspective of the school. 

School was just built, named, and is excited to have someone (the janitor) to keep him all shiny and clean, but then the students start to arrive.  The students begin to use all of School's things and some even say they hate school which hurts School’s feelings.  As the story continues, you find out how School has many of the same feelings as students do on the first day- being scared, being embarrassed, nervousness, and sadness. 

It’s a fabulous book that the kids loved!  It’s newly released, but you can grab it at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.  You will love School’s First Day of School.  Check it out as it will soon be a first day of school favorite of yours as well. 

We created our own schools and made a text-to-self connection to the book.  Here’s how they came out.  If you’d like to create this with your class, you can download the paper here!  

The kids folded over a large sheet of red construction paper, traced the template of a school (I used a file folder), designed their own school with scraps of colored paper, and glued their work inside.

Grab your paper below!

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