Sunday, May 22, 2016

Free Memorial Day Activities and Crafts

Memorial Day may be known as the unofficial start to summer! However, it's very important to understand why it is such a special day, so I’d like to share this TWO FREE Memorial Day books with you that’s geared for both younger and older students.  The emergent reader is a wonderful way to start the dialog with young students about such an important day and the more advanced version gives your students more information about the day..  I hope you and your students enjoy it.
You can grab the emergent reader for FREE here

Here are a few pages from the emergent version:

Here are a few pages from the advanced version:

We also created this simple poppy craft.  We drew our background first, added 4 heart shaped pieces made out of red paper, and added a black center.  It was super easy and sweet.

Encourage your students to create a flag to put outside their house, write a letter to a soldier, or attend a parade in honor of our service men and woman.

Here are some other wonderful crafts/treats you can make to help celebrate this day as well. 

 If you have one or more FREE resources or a great patriotic craft/activity for Memorial Day/summer, please share it and link up below! 

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