Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mother's Day Activities

Mother’s Day is around the corner!  If you’re looking for some easy to create, but meaningful activities for the children to give their moms, check out my Activities for Mother’s Day.  It includes 3 choices of acrostic poems for children to write about their mom, a no-prep coupon book, and a reader where children fill in the blanks about their moms.  The answers are priceless!

This was one of my favorites!!

We added a picture of Mom for a craftivity (it's up to you!). The outline of the face is included as well.  I love how they came out!

Below is how the kids created the hair and person:
 We use this method throughout the year and the kids become experts at it.
To make it easier, copy the face on tan copy paper or trace it on construction paper. Children used the white paper to cut out circles for eyes and cut the top two corners off of the rectangle to create the shoulders.  Many of the kids cut a V into the rectangle to create a v-neck shirt.

 Decorate the face. 
For the hair, draw an outline around the face (larger than the face) and cut it out.
Trace the face outline on the brown paper.

 If they want, they can draw bangs and cut it out as shown below.

 Flip it over and glue.

The kids loved creating the face and making their own hairdos!
We wrapped it all up and it was ready for Mother's Day!

Here are some more ideas for Mother’s Day:
Create a bookmark with a meaningful poem (not shown).

Have children design a flower and color/paint it. Then, create a cute card and on the inside they write all the reason why their mom is the best.

Create Stationery 
Divide a paper into fourths and have the  children draw pictures for their mom. Then, copy the paper, cut it on the paper cutter, and create a paper holder to hold the personalized stationery.

This activity below was one of my favorites (this is not my pic) but we used baby food jars or another small glass jar. It's a bit more prep but pretty easy and uses cut up tissue paper and Modge Podge

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I hope you all enjoy your Mother's Day!

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